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If an organization promotes its services via the Internet or sells something directly on it, without the usability of the site, the profit will drop up to 50%.

It is common practice for Destra to see the overall conversion rate from a website grow from 1% to 2-3% after recommendations based on an audit. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a twofold increase in profits without an injection of advertising budget. If the site does not directly sell anything online, the usability of the resource still has a significant impact on audience loyalty.

When potential customers or readers spend a minimum amount of time searching for relevant information, they add the site to their bookmarks and return regularly. The sheer amount of time people spend on the site also increases, which improves behavioural factors and strengthens positions in Google's search engine rankings.
But note that there is no point in ordering a usability audit if the website exists "just for show" and no one is going to do it. Usability does not sell anything on its own, it is just an auxiliary tool.
Simplified searches for relevant information and contacts block on the site, a user-friendly interface, and user-friendly design elements. Such changes help to keep new customers on the site and increase the number of orders from loyal users.
Key techniques for improving usability reduce the cost of day-to-day customer support by several times, and also help to significantly reduce the cost of customer engagement.
Errors scare users away. We offer their effective elimination, we help to keep interested users on the site and lead them to a positive decision.
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