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With contextual advertising you are always one step ahead

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The process of setting up contextual advertising takes place in several stages: preparation, launch, analysis, modernization. First of all, the specialist carefully studies the niche, target audience, and main competitors. An action plan is built taking into account the weaknesses of competitors and the pain of all segments of the audience. Client ads will be seen only by users who are interested in a particular product.
When advertising is already running, it is important to monitor the performance of each campaign and make careful adjustments to the campaign. The results obtained with the help of analytics tools allow you to decide on how to proceed: set new goals, screen out non-conversion requests, set up dynamic remarketing and, most importantly, look for opportunities to reduce the cost of attracting a client each time.
With the right strategy, for every dollar spent on advertising, businesses get $3-7 back in onsite leads and deals. The longer the advertising campaign runs, the lower the cost per customer becomes.