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Development consists of many processes. First of all, the main tasks of the project, competitive advantages are determined, the target audience is determined. Next, a concept and a working prototype are developed. The technical task is developed together with the customer in order to take into account all the wishes, as well as decide which functionality is necessary and which may be superfluous.

After the approval of the prototypes, the full launch of the site, testing, implementation of content and additional functions takes place.
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  • landing-page or one-page promotional website;
  • a business website with detailed information about the business;
  • product catalogue;
  • internet shop;
  • custom-made project.
It makes no sense to enumerate the benefits that you get when you develop a website. This is the main sales channel - the same as a regular store, only with the ability to find buyers anywhere in the world.
Without a transparent business strategy and an understanding of how, when and to whom to sell goods or services, the site is ineffective. If in doubt about your plan, contact a marketer - he will help "connect" goods and services with consumers.
website is a tool
We work with these types of websites
main sales channel
to promote your project
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